Monday, February 6, 2012

Angel Baby


Angel baby how I miss the sweetness of your little lips.
My precious boy I'll never kiss,
until were together in heavens bliss.

My arms long to hold you close, to smell your skin and tickle your toes.
To lay you softly on my chest, to warmly nurse you at my breast.
To watch you grow, to see you laugh, my heart breaks to walk this path.

My womb misses all your kicks, your little flips, and sweet hiccups.
Ever moment you spent in me was a precious, treasured memory.
As long as I live, and for all eternity,
I will always be, your loving, doting, proud mommy.

Just to see your little face, to hold your hand I was blessed.
For a moment you were mine, my love for you is without time.
Oh to have a few moments more, to drink you in, one thing is sure.
I will cherish you with all my heart, not even death can keep us apart.

Angel baby you are mine, no matter how much space or time,
separate you from me. We are one, connected eternally.
Heaven seems sweeter now, my babies waiting arms held out .
I will love you all my days and look forward to seeing your
Angel face.


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