Monday, February 27, 2012


Today I am following the prompt from Walking With You, on naming our baby.
The week before Jonathan died we had a 3D ultrasound, and found out we were expecting a baby boy. We were excited but had not come up with a boys name. My husband and myself talked and I did some researching on meanings. Our first four boys names start with the letter J, they are all Biblical names and they each have a family name as well. I was not concerned about breaking the J tradition, however my husband would not hear of it. So I searched "J" bible names again!

 I decided I liked the name Jonathan and was absolutely thrilled when I read the meaning, "GIFT FROM GOD ". I told my husband and we agreed that would be our next born sons first name. For a middle name all of our children have family names, we decided on Anthony after my Mother-in-laws father. Anthony means praiseworthy, or priceless. We were excited we had picked a name!

 One week and a few days later our beloved boy was born into heaven. As I sat in the hospital awaiting his birth, I was extremely sad over his name. Jonathan Anthony (in my heart and mind ) was not a dead baby, he was a vibrant little boy chasing his big brother. There would only be a separation of fifteen months between Joseph and Jonathan. How I loved to envision them playing together, being best friends.

 As soon as I met our baby, I knew, indeed he was our Jonathan. In our home of  four boys, all with J first names (plus their daddy) it is easy to get tongue tied. The first time Jonathan slipped from my lips, I was calling Joseph, tears immediately stung my eyes.

 I pondered...... I will never call my Jonathan to come and give me a kiss, I will never call him in for dinner, I will never call him to see how his wife and children are. No, I will not call his name in the same way I do my other children. Although somehow there now seems to be comfort in my tongue twisting. Jonathan is indeed one of my boys and I love that his name will forever slip off my lips as I call his brothers.

Jonathan Anthony you are forever in our hearts!  

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. 
James 1:17


brigette said...

What a perfect name for a prrcious angel!! Big hugs and prayers im so sorry for your loss!!

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

What a beautiful name. So much meaning.

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