Tuesday, February 14, 2012


It's Valentines DAY! OK, so its pretty late, 
but what a day it has been!
 To start Shayla got dressed up to go to work with Daddy (not really she got dropped off at Mams for a few hours). She was super happy because she got to wear her "Daddy's lil Valentine" shirt, and a fancy skirt. So she and Daddy posed for these amazing pictures!

.The boys had major schoolwork to catch up on and I went on a cleaning streak. Which is AMAZING because I haven't really cleaned in a month, since Jonathan went to heaven. Joseph was more like himself today smiling and happy, although he sleep most of the day. When Daddy and Shayla got home we had a treat, literary lots of candy. 

Then Daddy decided to take the boys to the skate park for an afternoon skate session. To my surprise I heard them pull up only a short time later. I was thinking how SWEET they decided they missed me, it being Valentines and all........WRONG. Little Jimmy broke his collar bone, yes its broke! So Daddy and Jimmy went to the ER for the fifth time in two weeks. That must be some kind of record. So we ended the day with pizza, root-beer and Vicodin. (Just kidding only Jim Jim got the vicodin).

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