Thursday, December 27, 2012


We has a joyful, wonderful, MERRY Christmas! Here are some highlights.
Family party
We had lots of fun with all the cousins we LOVE!

 Christmas Eve
We  baked cookies and decorated cupcakes.
Right before bed the kids were so excited :)

 Christmas Morning
Joseph was HILARIOUS, he loved opening presents and trying them out!
My sweet baby doll got a new baby doll!
Shayla loves Snow White, hummm I had no idea when I took this photo that this baby doll would inspire a hair cut and lots of mommy tears.

After presents we all sat together as I read the acts of kindness done in honor of Jonathan. I was so blessed as well as my family to receive these. It means sooooo much to me that people took time, in this very busy season to remembered my baby boy and to make me smile on Christmas. Tears of joy fell because of these letters instead of tears of sadness. Thank you my dear friends that participated it means more that you will ever know!

Christmas at Mams
Mam made Christmas super special, she is so thoughtful and sweet to us. We had fun and then a delicious Christmas dinner with only one crystal glass broken ;/
New bike fun!

The day after Christmas, to my horror Shayla cut her hair. I am pretty sure she was inspired by the Snow White doll and that we had just seen Rapunzel at Disney on ice. Rapunzel's hair gets cut in the end. I think she though like the show that her hair would magically come back :( I had to cut it off to her chin and add bangs and it's still not even. I think she looks cute but it breaks my heart I can no longer braid her hair.

 My husband so wisely reminded me that many little girls have no hair because of  very sad circumstance. I am remembering to say prayers for Daisy , Lucy and others fighting for their lives and remain thankful that I have a healthy little girl!
Christmas was a huge success! My husband said it is a month long birthday party for Jesus and man did we party :)
We were blessed, our children were blessed and we ALL BLESSED the name of the LORD! Praise God for the birth of our Savior JESUS!

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!”
~Luke 2:14


Kallie said...

Merry Christmas Sweet Friend! I think Shayla looks super adorable but I can understand your sadness! Hope you all had a wonderful time and its great to see Jonathan's Stocking packed full :)

Laurie and company said...

oh my word!!
So sorry about Shayla's hair but how cute is she??

Your family is beauuuuuuutiful!
God bless you, Tesha and Merry Christmas, friend.

Leanne said...

I can understand your sadness about Shayla's hair...I think I'd be sad because she looks so much older. She does look absolutely adorable though.....I know, your poor mommy heart!

Whenever I look at your blog and see your family I feel such peace and love and it blesses me that you guys are so close-knit and I love it that Big Jimmy takes so much time with his family. That will make such a difference in the boys' lives and their own families when they grow up. Praise God for Godly families like yours!

I'm praying for you, friend!


Shannon said...

What a blessing that your Christmas was so joyful!

Keep in touch. I've been silent for a while now. Looking forward to a new year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Looks like it was an awesome Christmas for you and your family. It is so much fun with little ones in the house!

Catherine said...

Wow what a beautiful Christmas! So glad you were able to include Jonathan (thank you also for you sweet email for Gabriel's stocking). And Shayla looks super cute. When I was little, I cut my sister's hair and according to my mom it was "irrepairable" and my poor sister had to wear a hat for weeks!

Hillary said...

Merry Christmas dear friend! I love how Shala's hair turned out! It's so pretty!

Lots of love to you all! xoxox

Kristy said...

Merry Christmas friend! I am so glad that you had tears of joy as your little boy was remembered. Shaylas hair is so cute but she looks so grown up.

Kristy Quinn said...

Hey sweet mama... what great Christmas pictures! I'm so glad you had a good one. :) Your daughter... oh my, what a beautiful little girl, long hair or short. Thank you for sharing your pictures. The ones of your daughter on her bike made me miss the south. We don't give our daughters outside type presents for Christmas now that we're in Idaho. It's too cold. (for us southerners anyway lol) Makes me miss Texas. lol *hugs*

Denise said...

Lovely pictures.

Shannon said...

I feel your blog was just right for me today. I am in the depths of grief. You see my son Samuel died three weeks ago on December 8. I was 22 weeks 3 days pregnant. He was perfectly healthy, my body refused to keep him in safe. He died in our arms. I am in a fog right now, and am just looking for women who know exactly how I am feeling. I was finally able to just write a little post and put a picture on my blog two days ago, I'm just not there yet. Hard to talk about. If you would like to meet our Samuel. I have a picture on my blog. I know how much you love your Jonathan, and my heart is grieving for you as well.
Thanks so much.

Kim said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas, I love how Jonathan was there with you. I am sure that was so hard for you to see Shayla's hair go, but she does look adorable!

Jennifer Ross said...

Beautiful pictures Tesha! It looks like you did party!! So much fun! LOVE Shayla's haircut. Super cute! :D

I haven't been blogging much, due to my new Facebook account! lol It's so much fun. With little time to cyber, it gives me a "quick" glance on how everyone is doing. I would love to have you on my account if you have one too. E-mail me for the link if interested!

As always..... Lots of love to you and yours...

Nan & Mike said...

Hi Tesha! Thank you for still being here I miss you so very much and I'm glad to see you still writing and sharing. Same love back to you for a happy 2013 and I still think of you and Jonathan often!

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