Monday, January 7, 2013

Walking With You: Intro, Where I am now

I am participating in the new walking with you series. Last year shortly after I started my blog I found Sufficient Grace Ministries. They were in the middle of a Walking With You series. I am convinced that writing those post helped me grieve and heal (Last years posts). The link-up also connected me to many other BLMs. The first assignment is to introduce ourselves and tell where we are in our journey.

My name is Tesha I am stay at home, homeschooling mommy. We lost our sixth Child, Jonathan Anthony on 1-24-12 just shy of twenty weeks. My husband is a pastor and we have great faith in Jesus and his plan, yet this experience rocked me to my core. 

To read Jonathan's story you can click the button on the right side bar that says Read about Jonathan.

Last year when I did the WWY series I was just a few weeks out from losing Jonathan. It gave me hope to read other mommies that were further down the road. So here I am close to Jonathan's one year I have any hope to offer? YES I do! There have been many struggles but I am still breathing and smiling more than I ever thought I would be.

I can undoubtedly say this was the most difficult year of my life, yet not unbearable. Jesus carried me and surrounded me with support. I went through many stages of grief and probably some depression. I am looking forward to the healing that comes from writing as this series progresses. 

My heart still aches everyday for my little boy, how I wish he were here. I have found comfort in Jesus and feel at peace with were I am. I am not disillusioned that the pain is over, the rest of my life I will miss my son. In fact I anticipate the weeks leading up to Jonathan's birthday will be quite difficult. I most assuredly have a glorious hope in Heaven and that life here on earth is worth living fully.

If you are a Baby Loss Mom consider joining this link up, you will be blessed if you do!
Click HERE for the Walking With You topics and schedule. 

Kelly you are a treasure to Baby Loss Mommies, THANK YOU!!!

He heals the brokenhearted and binds
up their wounds.
~Psalm 147:3


Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Tesha...I can feel the healing in the words of your post, dear friend. It has been a privilege to walk with you...and to see His hand as He carries you. Thank you for sharing your Jonathon with us.

Praying God's continued healing and comfort for your momma-heart.

Love to you...

Denise said...

Love and prayers to you.

Kyla said...

Thank you for sharing... I found your page a few months ago, but I look forward to Walking with You in this series.

Hannah Rose said...

Dear, sweet Tesha,

It has been such a joy to walk with you for the past almost year...and I am looking forward to walking with you for this series as well.

Praise the Lord for the hope and healing He brings to broken hearts!

Much love and hugs as your sweet boy's first Heavenly birthday approaches.

~Hannah Rose

Jenn said...

I'm so thankful to have met you though I wish it were for a different reason than our sons being in Heaven. I appreciate your honesty & posts & will keep you in prayer as Jonathon's birthday approaches. <3

Jennifer Ross said...

Beautiful post Tesha. I'm glad that you joined WWY again. I love to share too... brings some beautiful healing, being able to share the lives of our children. Have I mentioned how much I love that picture??! I love it!!

Lots of love....

Lori said...

What a beautiful family you have. The picture of your precious little Jonathon's hand is so innocent and telling and an amazing picture of why we long for Heaven so much.

I always cling to remembering we are not Home yet.
What a day that will be. I'm sorry for your loss.
Love and prayers!

Catherine said...

I'm so glad you found WWY last year as you were just beginning your grief journey. I hope this year it is just as healing <3

Pamela said...

Heaven's hope is a beautiful gift from God. We can miss, we can ask why, and we can even be angry--but that hope of heaven is in our heart and in the midst of the grieving process we know of the "some day."

Holly said...

So glad you're joing in. :) Your trust in Jesus is refreshing and inspires others. I am sure your baby boy is proud of you.

Christine said...

I love the picture of Jonathan's hand as well, Tesha. I too, feel much healing in this beautiful post. How very inspiring for those less far in their journey! Love to you and thank you for everything you do for others.

Karin said...

So much hope and love in your words! Lots of love to you as you walk these days leading up to Jonathan's birthday. Even three years out from my miscarriages, the anticipation of those anniversary days can be so hard. May you continue to feel His peace.

Kayla Yow said...


I love your post! It is so beautiful and heartfelt! It has only been a little over 7 weeks since my miscarriage, so it is wonderful to read how you made it through, how you relied on God, and how you are doing today! I cannot wait to read more of your blog and take this walk with you!

Elena's Echoes said...

Thank you, Tesha, for your beautiful post. I am looking forward to walking with you.

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