Friday, April 12, 2013

Health and Fitness

I am linking with Kelly's Korner for her fitness and health tips.

I really just wanted to write this post to inspire myself! Ever since I got pregnant I have been in a real fitness/health slump. I usually eat really healthy and exercise but the extreme sickness has gotten me in a bad habit of eating junk food in an effort to feel better. I have not yet been put on exercise restriction but have chosen not to since I am in a high risk pregnancy and I was exercising during the time Jonathan passed away. 

With my other pregnancy's I have done spinning the whole time, however I will stick to less strenuous exercise for the rest of this pregnancy, like walking. So while you most likely won't spot me at the gym for then next year I still have lots of at home tips for a healthy lifestyle.

People often ask me how I stay so fit and have a flat tummy when I have so many kids?

 In truth, part of it is just good genes. My mom was a fitness competitor and won her division and my sister, (from my dad) is a full on competitive bodybuilder. So trust me, I KNOW I am blessed to be able to lose weigh fairly easily and gain muscle quickly. But I also know what it's like to be out of shape. I was overweight at 13 when I started working out and learning about a healthy lifestyle. I also gained alot of weight with my second pregnancy, that was difficult to lose. I do not care much about what the scale says but I do care if my clothes fit. Well not now because I am prego;)

I started working our when I was 13 and have lived a fit lifestyle for most of my life. I LOVVVE spinning, my favorite workout! I also enjoy any kind of dance aerobic class. I do lift light weights at the gym when I am going. 

Whether I am in a phases of going to the gym or not, I do lots of calisthenics at home. Things like lying on a mat and doing leg lifts or tummy crunches. I do my tummy exercises standing when I am pregnant. I am convinced that a life time of doing these small controlled exercises is what has kept me fit and tone. I recently saw a commercial for Fluidity, I would love to own this product but it is really expensive. I have started looking on craigslist for one. 

I also walk or run in my times off from the gym, like when I have a new baby or now. (Although I have not started since surgery, hopefully this week with my Doctors blessing!

 I do not count calories, ever, however for the last 4 or 5 years I have tried to stick to an 80/20 eating plan. Meaning I eat clean and healthy 80% of the time and then I splurge on a dinner out or dessert with NO GUILT a few times a week. I find allowing my self to eat whatever I want occasionally helps me to not overeat on treats. I know I can always have another in the future. Here is a good article on 80/20 eating.

For me eating healthy and exercising help keep me happy. My mood is greatly improved after a workout. I also know that healthy eating leads to long term energy. 

My #1 fitness tip is get outside and play with the kids.... biking, hiking, walking, playing at the beach or the park all of these are great exercises and the best part is they just feel like fun!

I always seem to have a baby on my back LOL.

For while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.
~1 Timothy 4:8


Leanne said...

These are great tips, Tesha.

I certainly could use the advice, I do NOT have a flat tummy after 14 pregnancies!! UGH! But I want to, so I'm trying.

We eat very, very clean here, exclusively organic. But I like the 80/20 principal and it is what we do too. To give my body TONS of nutrition, I drink two glasses of two scoops of Beyond Tangy Tangerine from Youngevity, it is the most phenomenal vitamin I've ever had in my entire life!!!!!! It gives me energy for the entire day and makes me rheumatoid arthritis totally go away. Plus I'm hardly hungry at all....okay, I'll stop now,but you ought to check it out!


Kallie said...

Great tips! Thanks for sharing!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That was a blessing to be born into a family who embraces fitness. I struggle with it but was always very fit until after my children and the asthma, now COPD, set in. I'm trying slowing to get some of it back. If I knew then what I know now!!! You look fantastic.

Andrea said...

I think the most important thing about your fitness habits is that you aren't lazy! (like me!) You have a zest for life. I bet just running after/with your kids keeps you busy.

I found that when I miscarried, I miscarried whether I rested or exerted myself. I just feel they were meant to happen for some reason outside of what I was doing.

I exercised alot during my first pregnancy, and that was my shortest labor (6 hours) and easiest birth. As I got lazy, after, each labor got longer and harder. So I really think the exercises focusing on those muscles helped!

Andrea said...

Ha! You were writing me as I was writing you! :)

Priscilla M said...

Thanks for the post - I am very interested in the 80/20 eating plan. Stopping by from Kellys Korner!

Kim said...

Good tips! I have always hated exercising, but since I have lost 65+ lbs and exercised to get there-I love it!! You look great! I hope you can find a good balance of exercise and not feeling like you're overdoing it:)

Alida said...

Great tips!

I love walking and now I am working on making better food choices. I lost 20lbs last year and have 19 more to lose to get to my goal!

L said...

Don't you just love baby carriers! :) Such cute pictures of you toting your little ones.

Denise said...

Bless you for choosing to be healthy.

Naomi@What Joy Is Mine said...

Tesha...I am going to look into that 80/20 eating. You and I share the desire to stay healthy to the best of our ability. Thank you for sharing your tips at WJIM. Leaving feeling very encouraged sweet friend.

what is physical therapy said...

Excellent tips! Exercise is truly good for our health. Everyone can get a smart and beautiful body through regular physical activity.

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