Monday, April 15, 2013


  • I am so busy right now finishing up our school year. We have about six weeks to go. The major difference this year is I have a high schooler and the course MUST be done to get credit. SO we are working extra hours to catch up in two class we were behind in.

  •  I always seem to get homeschooling burn out in April and want to quite....I am so glad I never do!

  • I am feeling better but still really tiered all the time. I get waves of nauseousness through out the day not the ALL day stomach upset like before.

  • Shayla and Joseph have decided they don't like sleeping through the night anymore and make their way to my bed a couple of times a night. Between taking them back to their rooms and using the bathroom 15-20 times no wonder I am sleepy.

  • I finally go the high risk OB Wed. Hopefully I will have a illegitimate update and maybe get a peek at baby! My pants are getting tight on my tummy, I am 13 weeks:)

  • I have been quite distressed over the trial in Tenn to convict the man that hit Chasity. I keep up with the news stories every night. It is sad to hear the graphic details about the crash, I am keeping them in constant prayer.

  • I keep having VIVID baby dreams. The most perplexing is that I have this new baby but it is Jonathan. He looks just the same but he is moving and healthy. I am really happy in the dream that he is alive but I am wondering what happened to the new baby.

  • Daddy took Shayla Ice-skating this week. She has been asking to go since Disney on Ice. She loved it and can't wait to go back. She is such a daddy's girl!
Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9


The Heart's Hunger said...

Nice to catchup! Love this blog post with a little bit of everyting.

I KNOW what you mean about homeschool burn out come this time of the year and I have only my daughter ti homeschool this year:)

Oh! Those dreams! I used to have some very scary baby dreams for a season in my life... they were so disturbing to me. ((Hugs)) and hope they will subside.

hoiping you get a sonogram too!
Blessings, Deanna

Leanne said...

Maybe your baby is a boy??!!

I think homeschool burn out is normal....I'm so thankful that you never give in to that burn out feeling! 6 weeks will be over before you know it.

I bet the weather is glorious in CA right now.

And another reason you're so tired is're growing another human being baby in your tummy!!

Take care of yourself and get lots of rest.


Kristy said...

Those baby dreams are so disturbing to me. I have them all the time. Praying for a good dr report and renewed energy.

Allison said...

That picture is sooo sweet! I get burned out with school in March. We have 6 weeks left too, but are taking a 3 week break right now. Hope the kiddos decide to sleep through the night again, so you can get some extra sleep!

Sara said...

Wow... your dreams... that is so interesting... I am praying for you friend... So very excited that you are 13 weeks along with this precious little one. Praying for the Lord to strengthen you for each new day and the tasks you face. Trust me... I get the finishing school... Wow, it is so hard now that we are moving... but we are trying to pull together an RV trip in May out your way... Could you facebook me what city you all live in... maybe we could meet at the park or something:) Praying for you!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I admire you doing the home schooling. It takes a lot of patience and dedication. Glad you see your high risk doctor tomorrow. Praying all goes well. How sweet that they went ice skating together.

Ashley said...

My girls are definitely Daddy's girls too! I'm so sorry about the lose of your son; I have had two early miscarriages (6 and 10 weeks), and those were hard enough. Many HUGS to you!

Angela ~ said...

Found you through Raising Mighty Arrows. I enjoyed spending some time reading over you recent posts. You family is beautiful. I agree this time of year for homeschooling is the hardest to not quite for the spring! Many well wishes!

Kallie said...

I'll pray that your sleep gets better soon! Yayy for it almost being summer! 5 weeks left of school for me also, I'll be counting down with you all :)

momstheword said...

By the time April rolled around I was always ready for homeschooling to be over with for the year, lol!

We always started early enough so that we could be done the end of May, I wanted June, July and most of August off, haha!

Precious picture of your hubby and baby girl!

Thanks so much for linking up to the "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party today! :)

Denise said...

Thanks for the updates.

Gale Fitts said...

I love your blog! Your family is so beautiful.

L said...

I understand homeschool burnout too! Dreams can be so strange. Sometimes I dream about Lilly - something like I'm holding her tight. Then I wake up and it is Solomon I'm holding tight. I'm sure that even after you have your new sweet baby, you will feel a lot of emotions about Jonathan. It will stir them up. That happened to me after Solomon was born. A good friend had a baby recently and said that for the first week or so she was so worried about losing him even though he seems healthy. It made her mourn again losing her triplets. So even though it is sad it is "normal." But oh how you will love holding another baby in your arms! And that baby will bring much healing - I promise! :)

Andrea said...

Thank you Tesha, you're so sweet! I hope your dr's appt goes well!!
Some day you will get to sleep during the night....still some time until that though.

Maybe daddy's pretty little girl might have to share that never know. When I kept having boys it was getting a bit comical. (But I did have one girl first, then one girl for the youngest).

Good for you doing quality teaching still! I wish I could say the same for my youngest daughter's teachers.

I hope that your family soon has closure over Chastity's and her baby's death. (Justice that is). Sadness needs much time to heal.

brigette said...

You are one amazing mama!!! I get tired just reading all that you do!! Thank you for your example!!!

Cindi said...

LOVE this one of Shayla and her daddy!! So precious!

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