Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ivy, Injuries and the Hospital.

It's true that we usually end up with at least one case of SEVERE Poison Ivy. Also true that usually we deal with mild injuries and even a hospital visit while we are in Tennessee. This trip proved to be no different. The nice exception was no one got the flu, which we usually get after the all night flight.

Jimmy lead some wild and dangerous expeditions into the wood around my Mamaw's property, with many smaller boys in tow. Well those woods are filled with adventure, ticks, a creek that turns into small lake, mosquitoes, memories an occasional snake (yes they spotted one) Oh YES and Poison Ivy. Lots of it.

Well Jimmy was smart and wore pants, however the dreaded vine found his face and then his neck arms and stomach. He was totally eat up with Poison Ivy after a week. One morning he woke up and his neck and face were very swollen and he felt really awful. We decided to head to the local town clinic were he got a shot, some pills and cream. He slept it off for a day and then was feeling better but to tell the truth he is still itching and covered in the rash.
At last, as we have battled the dreaded plant before and we know that this to shall pass:) A small price to pay for the awesome adventures and at least it wasn't a snake bite!

Jadon had SO much fun on the motorcycle! Everyday he spent lots of time cruising around the yard and field, shifting gears, going faster and getting braver. He had a certain style to his riding--legs out- way out. Why? To avoid the dreaded muffler burn, that all his brothers have gotten over the years. Well his need for speed turned into a crash and burn and that muffler landed right on his leg. LOTS of tears and wails followed.
Take note of the WIDE leg stance
He is only smiling after hours of mommy cuddles, a movie and a milkshake:)
Yes he did get back on "that horse that bucked him" as my mom said. This time we found some motorcycle pants and he had no problem wearing them. Jadon is still limping around with his injury as it has popped, pealed and is just now starting to heal.

OK, so this one is totally my fault. I decided to put my prenatal vitamins in with my iron pills for our trip then put the child proof bottle in my purse. Well on Tabitha's Birthday I noticed the iron pills were spilled out in my purse. Now I know full well that Iron poisoning is the number one cause of childhood poisoning, so I was concerned. 

I questioned all the kids and they said, "Nope not me". Well I knew the first sign of anyone being sick would mean trouble. That night, sure enough Shayla started throwing up. So at 1:30am I was Googling Iron poisoning and calling poison control. They told us even one small symptom after finding an open bottle was cause to go to the hospital. So at 2 am we headed to the hospital. 

Shayla was NOT happy about our early morning excursion and let everyone know it. Nurses are angels in my eyes:) The high point was the x-ray because she got stickers for standing still. The low point was the IV, complete with cursing and kicking. It took four people to hold her down and she screamed the only bad word she knew at the top of her lungs...stupid:). Now she was not calling anyone stupid, just saying the word over and over with varied intensity and volume. She only paused when she saw a pool of blood under her arm to say, "Mommy they are taking my blood out...STUPID, stupid, STUUUPIIIIID!!!!"

After many hours and multiple blood test they informed us that her iron levels only increased by one point and she was fine. On they way home she admitted to eating one red candy from my purse and trust me she was SO SORRY. The next night Shayla said, "Mommy I am so sorry I said the S word and I will never throw up again." I gently reminded her, with a smile, that she went to the hospital because she ate the medicine not because she threw up. Oh how my heart rejoices that my sweet little girl was OK and that the worst that happened was needles and foolish words spoken shouted.

Lessen learned...child proof caps are not to be trusted and once again GOD is GOOD to protect us even in foolish mistakes.
My pretty little girl posing the day after her scary ordeal.

So yes we are home, still recovering from all the wild Tennessee adventures. I am recovering from jet lag and general exhaustion. We were so Blessed to enjoy a wonderful, predominately unscathed trip.

How precious is Your loving kindness, O God! Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Your wings. 
Psalm 36:7


Beth Morey said...

Oh man, so many ordeals! So glad everyone is healthy in the end, but sorry you all had to go through that!

Denise said...

So very sorry, praying for your family.

Kallie said...

Never a dull moment in your household! I'm glad everyone is doing okay and that you had a fun time on your vacation!

Leanne said...


I'm so glad everyone's recovering.....

My girls laughed SO hard at Shayla's screaming the S word...... I never, ever let my kids say that!! HA! My Sofia, who is 7, thinks dickens is a bad word and is incredulous when anyone says it!!!

I loved reading all of your Tennessee posts! Thanks for posting!


Allison said...

My goodness. Glad ya'll are home safe and sound. Hope you get rested up. So glad all of your kiddo's are ok!

Deanna said...

AHHH!!! oh my oh my! you sure did have a fill of the "oops!" on your TN vacation... no better mommy to come to the rescue.
Hope you and lil baby-bump are doing good:))

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The poison ivy doesn't look good. So sorry about that. Ouch on the motorcycle burn! And poor Shayla with the iron pills. That was not fun at all. Glad your back home and I know that you had a wonderful time. In my Wednesday Hodgepodge I will talk about my experience with a medical Google search. I found what the doctors didn't!

brigette said...

Oh my goodness so scary! I am so glad that everything turned out ok!

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