Sunday, September 29, 2013

Art and Sport

My boys just started their Art/Film making classes again. I realized last year I never posted Jimmy's video about Jesse Skateboarding. I just have to say I am so PROUD of my boys! Jimmy did a great Job on this documentary about his brother and Jesse is a ripper at skating! 

Jimmy's film "Religious Debate" just got entered into the Austin Film Festival. Films are submitted from all over the country and only 21 make it into the festival and Jimmy's made it!

This year Jimmy is in the advanced film class and Jesse is in intermediate film and comic classes. On top of that I am taking the boys to the skate park three days a week at lunch time. They have all gotten better and they love the midday break. It also gives Jojo and Shayla an opportunity to get all their energy out before nap.

BTW baby is still cooking. Although I had a tone of contractions Saturday night, every 5 min for an hour and a half then they stopped. Baby brother still has no name. Can't wait to find out who this little boy is!


Leanne said...

We want to see Jimmy's film.

Jimmy ought to enter his film into the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival. I believe it's in February of 2014 and I think they're taking entries next month. My husband has gone to this festival several years and we hope to go in February as a family. Please, look into it on vision

Can't wait to meet your little guy....I've doubled my prayer efforts for you!!


Sara said...

Great video... Precious to hear his voice describing it all. I love it! Praying for you Tesha!!!

Kathy said...

Awesome video!!! Love it :) praying for you!

Kallie said...

What amazingly smart and talented children you have! I'm sure they get that from their amazing teacher and mother! I can't wait to find out that little boy's name!

Cindi said...

Amazing, Tesha!! So much that I watched it twice! So glad you and baby are hanging in there. Keep us posed!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Excellent, what an awesome video and how exciting the it made it into the Austin Film Festival!!!!

brigette said...

Your kids are so talented!! Good work!!

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