Monday, September 9, 2013

The Baby Name Game.

We still have NO name for our new little baby brother. We have gotten quite good at the baby name game, where we all go around and lobby for the name we like and why. Everyone has some input at this point and wants to chime in about what his name should be. Honestly I do not feel we are any closer to picking one that the day we found out he was a he.

So for fun and my memory I want to list all the names that have been voted for, by who and what they mean.

Jeffrey (Jeff )-- God's peace
Jonah-- a dove
Jace --'healer'and 'God is my salvation'. best meaning for sure!


Jedidiah (Jedi)-- beloved of the Lord 
Jeremiah --exalted of the Lord

Jordan (Jordy) --to descend, to flow

Julian --youthful
Jude --praise

Juan-God is gracious
 -held by the heel

John-- God is merciful

cutie pie

Other suggestions from family we have considered

Joshua --Jehovah saves

Jeremy-- God will uplift, appointed by God
Justin --just, true
Jace--recommended by aunt W
Jacob  (wanted by Mam, Nana and Jesse. Nana wants to call him Rowdy Jake)

By far he has been called Juan pronounced (Wahn) more that anything. The boys love to tease me and call him that ALL the time. Jimmy admitted that he is joking but Jesse still insists he wants us to name him Juan. By the way Juan translated to English is John.

I can not believe it but we absolutely do not know what we will call this little boy???

I am sure God will speak to us and when we meet him we will know who he is!

But now thus says the Lord, he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine
Isaiah 43:1-7


Hillary said...

How fun! Graham always wanted to name Grady "Little Bill" after that cartoon show. Hilarious! As far as Griffin's name goes, I like to say he was named by God. :) Of only the three times in my life that God has spoke tangibly to me (seriously out LOUD where I could literally hear it!) God told me that I would have another baby, he would be a boy and that his name was Griffin. You just can not argue with God so Griffin it was! :)

I like the old school "James" and you could call him Jamie. xoxox

Pink Slippers said...

Chris said we are going to use Jace if you don't :). Lol! Have ALWAYS LOVED Jude! Seriously! Never had a boy when Jude was 'the name'. Jedidiah is cute. Totally get the surfer thought by calling him Jeddi. Or is it Jedi (as in star wars)?

laura hall said...

Love the meanings of Jace and John. Maybe use both and call him J.J.:)

Allison said...

I really like Jonah and Jace. You need to post a new pic of him growing!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I really like Jeffrey! In Anglo-Saxon the meaning of the name Jeffrey is: Peaceful gift and he is definitely a wonderful gift to you. ((HUGS))

The Kimmels said...

I love Jonah, Jace and Jude!! You have some good options :)

Leanne said...

I LOVE Jace and my second choice is Jude!!!!

Don't worry about his name, pray and ask God for guidance to name him. I know that may seem so small to ask God about, but you and I both know that nothing is too small for God to advise us on!

I'm looking forward to you announcing his name!


Elizabeth said...

I happen to LOVE the name Jacob...could be because I have a pretty cute Jacob at my house. Maybe you could combine with Shayla's idea and name him:
Jacob Cutiepie


Denise said...

Asking God to give you an answer.

Sara said...

I like so many of them! I can't wait to hear what you all decide on. Tesha, I am praying for you friend! Wow, what a precious blessing... he is so loved already!

L said...

Our rainbow baby, Solomon, was the only baby that we had trouble naming. Well me anyway. The rest of the family had their favorite names but I just could not think of anything. (I had trouble bonding because I was afraid of losing him.) But once he was born and I had a few minutes to really look at him it was easy to name him. :) I pray you all pick the perfect name at the perfect time!

Catherine said...

My vote is for Jeffrey (Jeff)... I like that it's a normal name but it stands out. And I love the meaning! I'm sure when you see him, you'll know what his name should be. xx

Kallie said...

I vote for Jace! I love the name and the meaning!

brigette said...

WOW what a list!! I love Jace that is so cute. They are all lovely names though with great meanings. Good luck picking one. You are getting closer! Hugs mama!

Delilah Medina said...

Tell Jesse, that Mr. Jesse & I like Juan, lol.

Naomi@What Joy Is Mine said...

Tesha...this is one of the fun parts of being pregnant I think. Name choosing. You all have chosen some fabulous names for the baby. I'm sure the Lord will guide your hearts and the perfect name he will receive. It's an exciting time for you all.

Cindi said...

Ahhhh...I could think of baby names for hours and hours. I remember being super young and scratching some down on paper when I should have been listening to our pastor. Okay, so of course I'm a fan of Jacob...have one of those...but you know what else I love?...Joel. Getting so excited here in AL! 35 weeks...WOW!

Kindy Belew said...

How fun! Have you pinned one down yet? I'm partial to Justen (with an E) since I have one of those! And I also really like Jace.

Brandie Taylor said...

It would be kinda funny if you picked a name beginning with "Ju" then you would have all the vowels.. "Ji"mmy, "Je"sse, "Ja"don, "Jo"nathan, and "Ju"??

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