Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Card 2013

I Love Christmas Cards! I actually display ALL our cards in our home during Christmas. I am so thankful that we have done one each year, it is fun to see how our family has changed and grown with each Christmas. How I love our new edition for 2013)!

I write a letter each year to remember the year and to update family. Although we don't need to since I have this blog:) Still I love the tradition and I want To have the letter here for a keepsake.
Merry Christmas,

It is with great joy I write our Christmas letter this year! We are first and foremost so blessed that we have grown by one. Our beautiful, perfect baby boy was born October 10th and we are so in love with him! Julian(My Favorite cousins name) Jonathan (named after his big brother in heaven) is a wonderful baby. We are so excited to have this new little Papik boy in our family. His birth was easy and we know that God heard our prayers and those of our friends and family. He protected my health and Julian throughout a difficult pregnancy.

I spent most of last year pregnant and it did slow me down the first few months. We made up for it in the summer by hitting the road. We went on adventures to Tuscon AZ, San Diego, Tennessee and Northern California. It was a full, fun summer! Homeschooling is going very well and I was so happy to get through the first year of high school! We have a teacher from our charter school that does all the grading and high school credits, so it is been pretty easy for me. How I love being home with all my kids and cherish these sweet days together, even though they are not all easy. I know just how fast 16 weeks turns into 16 months and then into 16 years.

Jimmy turned 16 and is doing wonderful in school, getting good grades and will soon be getting his driving permit. He has enjoyed a new sport this year, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and spends a few hours a week training. He also continues with his film class which he excels at. One of his videos was recently accepted into the Austin Film Festival for youth out of hundreds of applicants. Jimmys been practicing guitar and is quite good. He can often be found with a guitar or ukelele in his hand singing a tune. He still plays the drums at worship every Sunday. He's such a huge help and blessing to me! He adores his little brothers and sister and knows that he is a powerful influence over them as the firstborn. He is such a blessing and wonderful son!

Jesse is 12 and is a true delight and in my opinion a creative genius. Seriously he is so smart and often is teaching me things. He never fails to impress the teacher from the charter school either. He loves skateboarding, this year we've dedicated three days a week to going to the skate park so he can practice (the other kids love it also:) Jesse is such a well-rounded young man excelling in academics, athletics and artistically. He spends hours a day drawing, painting, writing poems or doing something else creative. He absolutely loves to be learning new things! I'm so blessed by all of his projects he is passionate about whatever he's doing, including serving Jesus! Jess is such a wonderful young man and son.

Jadon is eight years old and is a little comedian that is always ready for an adventure. He is doing really well in school this year and I'm so proud of the progress he has made. Jadon is a skater also and loves our weekly trips to the skate park. He spends a lot of time drawing and he loves playing with his Halo Mega Bloks and Star Wars guys. He loves his big brothers and want to be just like them which is such a good thing;) He is a wonderful, creative boy we are so blessed by our Jadon.

Shayla is my pink, perfect, pretty, Papik princess! She loves all things girly, sweet and pink. She enjoys ballet and so looks forward to going. She spends most of the day dancing around the house dressed up in a tutu. Shayla discovered girlfriends this year and cherishes her time spent with other little girls. She is an amazing big sister and is such a little mommy in the making. She squeals in delight to get to hold baby Julian and is always telling me how much she loves him. How I adore my beautiful baby girl.

Joseph is two and is all about fun, as his daddy likes to say. Seriously this year has been pretty typical with lots of two-year-old training going on. He's usually getting into trouble and having lots of fun at it. Oh how he makes us laugh and keeps us on the edge of our seat. How can a little stinker getting into everything he's not supposed to look so cute while he's doing it? He love Shayla and follows her everywhere she goes. He is dong lots of talking but sometimes Shayla has to translate. He loves to jump and run and climb and most of my days are spent busy keeping him busy. Thank goodness he still takes a long nap or I might never get anything done. He's taking well to baby Jewels and wants to hold him a few times a day for about 30 seconds. We are so blessed by little Joseph can't imagine life without all of the fun he brings.

Big Jimmy is doing awesome, he dedicated a large portion of this year to his new Plumbing Business. He transitioned from the Rooter Service to a full-blown Plumbing Business and changed to a new name, Sunset West Plumbing. He works hard to provide for us and God has blessed his efforts. He loves to learn about growing small business and strategies for success. So there are often little seminars going on in our home as the boys collaborate with Dad to build his business and develop entrepreneurial minds. The boys just finished competing in the longest running surf contest in Dogtown, the Venice Surf-A-Thon. Jesse got 3rd place in his division, Little Jimmy won 2nd place in the Jr Longboards and Daddy brought home third place in the Masters. The church is doing well, we have a love for the people and a passion for our city. We are praying with expectation that God is going to do big things in Venice this year! Jimmy is an amazing Daddy and Husband, I am so blessed!

I am so over the moon in love with Julian. How I treasure time with my squishy, sweet, soft newborn baby. There's been such a healing in having, holding and enjoying him. As I approached Jonathan's second birthday in heaven I rejoice over all that he taught us and how we have grow as a family because of his life. God has truly turned my mourning into dancing and worked all things together for good just as he promised he would do (Romans 8:28)

We pray that in 2014 Jesus pours out his love and blessing on you!


Allison said...

Precious card, I love Christmas cards too, especially the picture ones. Merry Christmas!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

You card is perfect and you all look wonderful!

Deanna said...


brigette said...

What a beautiful card and letter! You are an amazing family.

SingerMamaMelody said...

Oh my goodness Tesha!!! Where have I been? I was just thinking about you today and wondering if you had your precious new little one with you yet…and here I find such gorgeous pictures of him! Congratulations on little Julian. What an adorable baby and an awesome gift from God. YEAH!!!!!!


SingerMamaMelody said...

Oh my goodness Tesha!!! Where have I been? I was just thinking about you today and wondering if you had your precious new little one with you yet…and here I find such gorgeous pictures of him! Congratulations on little Julian. What an adorable baby and an awesome gift from God. YEAH!!!!!!


SingerMamaMelody said...
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