Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Year, Heathy New Me

I am Loving my new healthy lifestyle changes since New Years! I made small changes at first like jumping on our awesome new trampoline! Best. Christmas. Gift. Ever!

I knew that all the exercise in the world would not help me if I kept eating so much junk. So I got a couple of books for inspiration and started my healthy living diet. I did not love "Lean for Life" because it uses ketosis for weight loss and that is not safe for breastfeeding. However I did find some cool tips and facts in it! The Bragg's book was a cheap read I picked up at the grocery store that turned out to be pretty inspiring.

First off I have to say it was really difficult to get started. I was seriously addicted to large amounts of sugar...shamelessly even eating cookies for breakfast. I reasoned they were oatmeal and homemade. I tried to go cold turkey but it was so hard, I kind of weened myself off of sweets over the coarse of a week. I started adding lots of protein and veggies to my daily meals and healthy fats.

For example 
(a perfect, no cheat day)

egg whites scramble (6 egg whites, olives, bell pepper, spinach) 
5 pieces of turkey bacon 
spicy mustard

Salmon salad
I use canned salmon for this
lots of spring mix
cucumber, tomatoes
homemade Dijon mustard dressing

Fish or chicken cooked in olive oil and lemon
Lots of veggies usually steamed or roasted
brown rice

some snacks options
low fat string cheese
apple and carrots
raw almonds
high fiber cereal
low fat cottage cheese
Greek yogurt

It took  awhile to adjust to less calories and not feel hungry, maybe two weeks. I got an awesome app called (get fit) it is a daily calorie log. It has almost any food you can imagine and you can scan any bar code with your phone for nutritional info! I set up a plan to lose 10lbs and it put me at 1,480 I decide this was to low for nursing so I upped it some. I do not stress about the scale to much, I just like my pants to fit...they don't. Still I do not feel pressure because I am first and foremost a nursing mommy that just had a baby, so I give myself lots of grace:)!

 I live by a 80/20 approach so that gives me about four cheat meals a week. They are usually on the weekend, if we go out, have company or date night! Knowing I have cheat meals keeps me from ever feeling deprived. Also I am relaxed when it comes to something I want. If I want a cookie I have one and don't feel guilt. I know good health is a lifestyle over the long haul and my long haul must include cookies:) 

For Valentines my Love got me a new love!
a Blendtec

It is amazing! We got it a couple of weeks ago and I have used it everyday for a meal replacement and snacks. I am in love with green healthy smoothies! I have also made soup and the kids love fresh soft serve ice cream and milkshakes. 

3's loud:)
Some of our Costco loot...fruit loot, ha. We also got frozen cherries and blueberries at Costco for a good price.

My girlfriend turned me on to the detoxinist, I just LOVE her site. I have tried lots of the dressing recipes and some smoothies. She has great tips! I will never throw away produce again, I will just freeze and juice it!

Fitness Fun
 I started working out again. I decided to jog because I can not go to the gym consistently until Julian is six months. Not to mention we live in one of the most beautiful climates on earth and to not take advantage of that seems silly. So I have been hitting the road with lots of help. Little Jimmy started running with me and was so patient when I was so slow and could only do two miles. Our regular neighborhood route is now 4 miles and includes some gnarly hills, it is defiantly interval training. We also do some local stairs four times. I think I have caught the running bug because he does not want to go near as much as I do, which is about every other day.

We have done a few night runs.

Jesse and daddy ride their bikes with me. 

Most recently Daddy and I have turned my run into a date. He bikes next to me with music playing. We found a great route to the beach and seeing the sunset is such a lovely run reward! It is just over two miles to the beach from my house so I am jogging just under 5 miles on this route. That distance takes me an hour and eight minuets (so I am not running that fast). That reminds me of my other AWESOME app, Runtastic it keeps track of everything, calories, speed, elevation, map via satellite, it's pretty cool!

Trust me, I know how blessed I am to enjoy this beauty everyday when most of the country is below freezing!

Someone recently asked how I have energy with a new baby? My first thought was, what energy? But in truth I do feel good! I think the key for me is-- a body in motion stays in motion! One of my father-in-loves favorite saying was "He who rest rots" That is certainly true in my life when I am working out I have more energy for everything, when I am not I often feel tiered. Endorphin's are very real and I feel much happier when I get them on a consistent basis!

So how much weight have I lost from my efforts?...nothing. Seriously, maybe a couple of pounds, but I don't care I feel good and that's what matters most!

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body.
1 Corinthians 6:19-20


L said...

I love that little Jimmy is running with you! I lost all my baby weight - and a little more - by following the book "Trim Healthy Mama". It has low glycemic foods. I was losing about 5 lbs. a week and felt great! Love your trampoline pics. We have one and my husband teaches the kids tricks on it. (He was a PE major and actually had a trampoline class in college!)

Bridget said...

Have you ever heard of the book, Trim, Healthy Mama? It was written by the daughters (Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett) of Above Rubies edittress, Nancy Campbell. It is a diet/way of life based upon low-glycemic foods. I am still reading the book, but there are even Pinterest boards with ideas for meals (just search for trim healthy mama recipes). I am currently looking into this again as I am pregnant and had gestational diabetes with my last full-term pregnancy (unfortunately, like you, I had a loss at 18 weeks this past October...I am hoping for a take-home baby this time). Congrats on your Julian...he's adorable and your new lifestyle of eating healthy and exercising. Wish I could get outside for some walks, but it's been a long winter in the northeast!

Denise said...

Great job, you go girl.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Way to go! I am so proud of you. I love eating a healthy diet and I'm not going to follow your friend.

Sara said...

Way to go Tesha... I am right there with you trying to make better choices and move more:):) I have such a sweet tooth... it is taking some real discipline... Thanks for the encouragement:)

Em said...

Just seconding the commenter who mentioned trim healthy mama...I'm sure you have heard about it. I started when pg with my rainbow. Am now 30 pounds less than when I got pg with him and he's ten months.

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