Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sick Summer Randomness

and NO I don't mean sick like cool:(

We have been experiencing some summer sickness here. Shayla had a stomach flu last week, Then Daddy got it and the worst one has been Jojo:(  Poor baby has thrown up in every room and I have moped the floors about 20 times! Oh yes not to mention the 20 loads of laundry and washed my hands 100 times, they are raw. He does not seem to understand GO TO THE BATHROOM!!! I do think he's on the mend now. So we missed out on the beach this week but I got a lot done around the house--if you consider cleaning the same mess and washing the same sheets over and over and over again.

Last week the kids went to VBS at a neighboring local this church. They LOVED it! Shayla missed 2 days being sick but still wanted to perform in the program. The kids love the CD from VBS, they sing and dance all around the house when I put it on:)

Silly hair day at VBS
Sweet Shayla did not want to be silly

We are excited for a really fun upcoming weekend. The 4th on Friday is one of my favorite holidays! We have three BBQs to go to:) Saturday we are outreaching with 1000+ cookies to give to our new neighbors around our church building. ( I made 6 batches of cookie dough today...Now I just have to make it to Saturday and not eat it all:) Then Sunday we have our first service at the new church with a BBQ to follow. Gosh I have a lot of cooking to do! Praying hard no one else gets that awful flu.

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,
Colossians 3:23


Allison said...

Hoping all the sickness is over for y'all. Have a wonderful weekend. O and I don't blame Shayla for not wanting to have silly hair. My girls never do either:)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sorry about the sickness at your house. Hope everyone gets well soon.
Love the pictures of the kids at VBS and the video. Have a wonderful 4th of July!!!

Cindi said...

VBS rocks!! Jake was a part of "Agency D3" for a week, and he LOVED it. And speaking of sickness, it hit all three of my guys just last week. :( Hope all of your crew is feeling 100% now. :)

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