Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our Pompeii Science Center Trip

Last week we had a blast at the California Science Center! We are so blessed to live in a city that has so many amazing homeschooling resources and I plan on taking advantage of quite a few of them this year! Last year Jesse studied Pompeii, he wrote a poem about the events that intrigued our whole family to learn more. I could not believe the timing when I saw that the actual artifacts would be here in our city! So the big boys and I made a date of it!
As an added bonus we got to see the Endeavor as its home is at the California Science Center. It was actually awesome and awe inspiring to see it in real life.
The boys were so excited about this picture....When the Endeavor came to LA it flew over lots of famous landmarks. My boys were at the Santa Monica Pier with their Mam to witness the grand event. That means they are in the picture of the Endeavor flying over the Pier!
They are somewhere down there with the masses:)

We had fun exploring the science Center after our IMAX movie about Volcanoes!
Of coarse the boys thought the space toilet was cool and had to have a picture;) Like father like sons!

Finally it was onto the Pompeii Exhibit!
It was really interesting to learn that most of what we know about the Roman Empire comes from the artifacts from Pompeii, so perfectly preserved by the volcano! It was really difficult to take pictures because it was very dark and they had a no flash policy
I have to admit I was missing Daddy almost the whole time we were there! All I could think was Daddy would love this, I wish he were here! 

After I Let the kids do some "fun" stuff because daddy insisted we have an AWESOME day!
Jesse riding a ridiculously high tight rope.
Then he climbed the rock wall
Jadon  flying  a first flight simulator.
Jadon and Jimmy did an Amazon Monkey simulation.

Last we had one of our favorites fast food restaurants! 
Chick-Fil-A has finally made its way to Southern California:)
At the end of the day I went to bed so thankful and Happy. I made memories with my Boys that will last a lifetime we explored and laughed together. I am so thankful for them, for my Mother-in-love that keep the little kids and my amazing Hubby that was hard at work that day to provided us with the resources to be able to go! Thank you Daddy for giving us this Awesome memory! 

 Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits
Psalm 103:2


Lisa said...

I saw a movie at school about Pompeii when I was in 6th grade and have been so fascinated with everything about it ever since! What a wonderful field trip - that looks like an awesome museum. :) And Chick Fil A - that is our favorite restaurant. I had Chick Fil A cookies for my last birthday instead of a cake. :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What an awesome day and how cool that they are in that photo down on the ground!! Those fun things look like they were the tightrope! Glad you had a nice day with the boys.

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