Friday, January 30, 2015

Homeschooling Help

I have not written about our homeschooling in a while and so much has changed! I wrote this post over the summer because I was completely discouraged. I seriously considered quitting because I was so burnt out and worried. I even called my Sister-in-law in a state of panic saying I could NOT do it anymore. She gave the perfect encouragement and perspective, that at least temporally quieted the quitting voice in my head.

 As school approached I was filled with anxiety that I could not do it. To be honest I felt like a complete failure. Mostly because I have spent four years trying to teach Jadon to read and He could not read a single sentence without a MAJOR struggle. I was consumed with fear that I was ruining him and probably my other kids also. Anxiety is never a balanced perspective. I was focusing on one thing and not even considering the big picture or the fact that my 10th grader passed the California High School exit exam with flying colors (most students do not pass until their Senior year).  

When I started this year I felt hopeless BUT I had prayed and felt that God wanted me to continue to homeschool. One thing I was terrified of was Shayla having the same struggles that Jadon has in reading. I just keep thinking I can not do it again. I was also at a stand still with Jadon and felt hopeless. I prayed and prayed and asked God to please bring breakthrough for Jadon.

Well I am beyond happy to report that the breakthrough did come! Our Charter School had Jadon tested and he qualified for outside help. Now that is not something I would of been to happy about say in Kindergarten or first grade but after 4 years of giving it my all I knew we needed help. Jadon  now has a wonderful tutor 3 days a week and meets with a special education teacher once a week. I am beyond thrilled to report that I see vast improvement in a very short time. Some days can still be hard but I am not hopeless, I cried out to Jesus for help and I got it!!!

Oh by the way that fearfulness about Shayla was a waste of energy...She has floored me, she learned her ABC's and sounds in a month and started reading before Christmas! She loves school and I enjoy every minute of teaching her! 

Yes there are difficult days when the baby is sick and Jojo is into EVERYTHING but I am so very happy I did not give up,  that I did not quite. There are times when God calls a homeschooling mommy to go down a different path but that was not my case, mine was just plain old burnout. 

I feel happy and excited for the years ahead I have with my kids! Jimmy is a Junior he only takes four classes next year, graduation is right around the corner and you know what...I am so happy I had these years here at home with him. I am so happy that my relationship with my kids takes priority over a clean house or my free time. Little Jimmy and I go to the gym together everyday, we talk, we laugh and have a blast. He told me a couple of days ago that he really enjoys our talks:) I cherish all these memory that are made possible by homeschooling. (Oh and with the end in sight I am no longer intimidated, I know I can make it all the way to graduation!)

So here is my encouragement to any homeschooling Mommy that might read this, don't give up!!! Seek God's help, talk to a veteran homeschooling mommy, believe that God is able to come through even in the bleakest looking circumstance! Your kids are worth it! I promise one day it will feel like you blinked and one will be graduating from High School.

Now I have to say thank you...
Thank you to all the homeschooling mommy bloggers that paint a real picture but urge me to keep pressing on Wendy, Christine, Lisa, Sara,Laurie, Pattie, Becca, Miranda, Jenn,
Leanne, Allison, Jessica . Thank you to my faithful friend that loves me and labors in prayer for me. Thank you to my incredible husband that has listened to me quit dozens of times and then gently encourages me to press on. Thank you to my awesome kids that forgive me when I am tired and frustrated. Thank you to my amazing Sister-in-law that has been an example to me and such a source of encouragement. On weary days I picture her in her little house, with her MANY children teaching  just like I am and I know I am not alone. I often shoot up a quick prayer for her and I know she is doing the same for me!

Last but not least thank you Jesus for helping me and coming through with help for Jadon! Mostly thank you that you never give up on me, help me Lord to NEVER give up on something you have called me to do!

This how our homeschooling mornings start...with prayer and cuddling on the couch

Pictures are not appreciated

HERE is great web sight for moms teaching dyslexic kids.

I lift up my eyes to the mountains—where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. 
Psalm 121:1-2 

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.  
Galatians 6:9 


Christine said...

I love stories of God's faithfulness. I love your heart, Tesha. Praise God for the tutor and special ed teacher, and for the joy you're finding in teaching Shayla this year. Photos are so cute, btw. :)

Wrote you a few comments on my blog in response to something you asked. I thought I had your email address but I can't find it.

Lisa said...

Burn out and feelings of failure happen to us all! I love how God answered your fear of failing at teaching reading again. My 13 year old is STILL doing 3rd grade math. I thought it was all my fault until teaching my 6 yr. old. God gives us our challenges and He gives us reassurance.

Jessica said...

I'm so glad you were able to get some answers and have some peace about homeschooling. And I appreciate the encouragement to keep pressing on. :) As hard as it is sometimes, I know I'll never regreat getting to spend all this time with them.

Allison said...

Great post. Some days are so difficult. I struggle with my 4 year old sometimes, but I just try to remember, she's only 4 and she will get it eventually. So glad your school year is going well. Way to go Jadon and Shayla

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm so happy you were able to work through all your issues and that Jadon is getting the extra help. So thankful that your prayers were answered. What a beautiful blessing you are to your children.

Sara said...

Oh my goodness Tesha... this spoke to my heart... there are totally those days where I wonder, am I ruining them??? But oh how I treasure this time with them at home with me... They are such a gift and it is such a gift for me to have them home! Thanks for the encouragement today!:)

Jenn @Treasuring Lifes Blessings said...

I love your heart Tesha and your honesty! Amazing how our boys Noah & Jonathan brought us together! <3 Love you girl! You are doing an amazing job with your children!

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