Monday, February 9, 2015

Preventing Disease With Diet

Since we radically changed our eating habits last September I have gotten asked many times why, what is our goal? We were already a pretty healthy family, fit and in shape with no one being overweight. Honestly, the reason I went on this health rampage was because I got scared. Actually a cancer scare to be specific and it made me realize we are all on a path, our path is either leading to wellness or disease. Now I know that many factor's contribute to health problems like diabetes, cancer and heart disease but there is no denying that our diets and lifestyle play a HUGE role in it. That cancer scare and the fact that we witnessed my Father-in-love die of cancer really propelled my husband and myself to want make changes. I love living, I love my family and I want us all to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible...If I can make changes to make that achievable for my family and myself then I want to do so!!!

One of the first things I learned about was Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs and the impact they are having on our environment and on our health. The most recent studies indicate that GMOs play a very real role in Autism. From all of my research on Gmos I personally think the most alarming part is that we are the test dummies. Since Gmos have only been widely used for 15 years we do not know the outcome for lifelong consumption of the toxins they contain. 

What toxins you might ask? Glyphosate, the main ingredient in "Roundup" weed killer is actually in the DNA makeup of GMO food, That's right, it's like they give the seed a "Roundup" vaccination so it can withstand huge amounts of the toxin and not die as it grows.  Here is a great article on how round up is recking havoc on our environment and our bodies. By the way Glyphosates have been linked to cancer, Parkinson Disease and more. 

The  BT  pesticide is another toxin found in GMO food and Here is a great article explaining what BT is. Latest research has shown that not only do we carry these toxins in our blood but our unborn babies do as well. In fact BT toxins are know to kill human embryo cells resulting in reproductive toxicity. 

OK I will step down off my soap box about the dangers of GMOs, really it just comes down to a simple question, As my husband likes to say... "DO YOU WANT "Roundup" weed killer and other toxins that were made to kill living things in the food you are eating or not?" For our family I choose to avoid these toxins when at all possible.

So how do we avoid GMOs and dangerous pesticides? Mainly by choosing organic food and products. Now I know many will say organic produce is SO expensive and in some parts of the country that is a very sad truth. When we were in Tennessee I was shocked by the high cost and lack of fruits and vegetables in general. Like I have said before, I am blessed to live where organic food is abundant, widespread and readily available. However, I believe this is so important that we must find a way, for example, joining a farm share co-op or planting our own gardens (which is wildly popular in Tennessee and maybe explains the lack of fresh produce in the traditional market there?)  We do use the pesticide residue list, dirty dozen, clean fifteen to decided which foods must be organic.

Also organic meat is just as import because animals are fed GMO corn and of course injected with antibiotics and growth hormones. Organic meat is more expensive, yes, but we have found ways to make up for it by eating less meat. I love Salmon and I have to admit it was difficult to make the financial jump at first from farm raised to wild caught but this article helped and honestly it taste so much better! We have wild caught Alaskan Salmon once a week (just a side note: farm raised salmon is not naturally red it's grey they have to add the pink color, scary!)  I have found we can offset the cost by having a couple of low cost meals a week, like pesto pasta.

In a recent study they found that eating organic for just one week reduced the amount of pesticide in our urine by 90%. 

That brings me to this important point...In order to prevent, treat and fight disease we have to lower our toxic burden. 

So, what is our toxic burden? 
It is the physical burden put on our bodies by pollutants such as chlorine, fluoride, food coloring, preservatives, MSG, trans fats, pesticides, insecticides, hydrogenated oils, synthetic vitamins, mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde from vaccines and other sources, Pharmaceutical drugs, mercury amalgam filling, root canals, the toxins in our environment from cooking with Teflon, and putting our food in plastic containers that have BPAs in them, EMF from our cell phones and computers, the deodorant, personal care items we use and other beauty products that contain numerous toxins, then we scrub our floors and toilet seats with toxic chemicals before we walk and sit on them.

All that poison building up in our bodies is our toxic burden. Toxic burden is what makes it difficult for our bodies to fight off diseases like cancer and remain healthy. The more we can do to low our toxic burden the more chance our body has at rebuilding and repairing itself through a healthy immune system. 

So my goal is to reduce toxins whenever I can for my family and support their natural defense system with a diet high in nutrients and enzymes. That also means a pretty extensive regiment of whole food supplements for my husband and myself to make up for all the toxic years:) Of coarse eliminating all toxins is impossible and even if we did we could still acquire disease from other factors, but by lowering our burden we are giving ourselves the best possible chance for optimal health.

By the way, if you see us at a potluck and we are enjoying the obvious GMO laden casserole and pre packaged cake that someone we love brought, we can just smile and look the other way knowing that "we know", BUT we will always chose relationships over food. Still we want to do all we can to educate and bring change without hurting the feelings of the people we love.

Remember one in two people will be diagnosed with cancer! We are all on a path to acquiring disease or preventing it, so educate yourself and make little changes that could save your life. God does protects us but his laws of the universe are still true... if you jump off a ledge you will fall and if you put toxins in your body it will suffer. Lower your toxic burden and give your immune system a fighting chance!

Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits--who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion,
Psalm 103:2-4

This post is filled with resource links and here are a few more to help you educate yourself.


The Healthy Home Economist 

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Hillary said...

I LOVED your blog post today! Our family struggles with food issues (ranging from emotional over-eating to picky eating). It was a great encouragement to continue the fight for healthy living! I still pray for your lung health daily friend. xoxox

Leanne said...

This was a really great post today!

We too feel the same way.

I loved all of the links and studies you shared in your post. That sure does help people who aren't familiar with these things to know where to look for information.

Thanks for getting these really, really important facts out there!!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a great post and thank you for all the links. I am passing this post to my family members and I hope they take it to heart. I put the GMO OMG movie on our Netflix list. Thank you for opening my eyes to the truth!

Lisa said...

Maybe it's just me - but I find weird that people ask you what your goal is. It seems obvious! And it seems like a goal that most people should have. Oh well! It's great you're helping get the word out there. BTW - I buy organic grass fed beef in big quantities (like 50 lbs.) from local farmers. The prices for buying more at once, are always really good.

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