Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Shayla's Birthday

I can't believe my baby girl is six years old!!!

Shayla celebrated her sixth birthday at a sweet little spot called Olivia's Doll House Tea Room. It was quit an eccentric place with dolls and roses everywhere also a talking Deer that had a tiara on:) It was a little girls dream come true. The girls got to pick a dress then have their hair, make up and nails done. Next came a fashion show for the parents then a lovely tea with lunch and cake.
Shayla surrounded by her friends being the princess of the day!
Princesses Deeriana was a hit with the girls:)

Shayla loved every moment of her tea party and she told me on the way home I plan the BEST birthdays and she wants me to plan all her birthdays! My heart melts:)

After all the Tea Party fun we came home and Jesse surprised Shayla by decorating the house with Frozen.
Next just because it was a beautiful day and Shayla wanted to we headed to the beach!

After the beach we had presents and cake at home it was the perfect end to a perfect day!

May you be blessed by the Lord, my daughter.
Ruth 3:10


Pink Slippers said...

Oh wow!! So beautiful! Happy birthday Shayla. Looks like a perfect day!!

Hillary said...

Beautiful!!! Happy 6th Birthday sweet girl!! xoxox

Leanne said...

Wonderful!! Now Shayla is the same age as my Lucie, who turned 6 in January!!

I love the picture of her and her girlfriends!

Sigh. These pictures just are so peaceful and joyful and I just love them all!

Happy birthday, Shayla! Enjoy your family.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Too cute! What a great place for a birthday party. Looks like they had a fabulous time. Love all the photos.
Happy 6th Birthday Shayla! Love the blue party dress and I love Frozen. I especially love Olaf. Looks like a fun day at the beach too.

Allison said...

So cute!

J Howard said...

How adorable is that birthday place! I can't wait to do sweet things like this for my Isabella!

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