Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter Picture Post

We had a blessed Resurrection Day! We celebrated in all the usual ways...Jesus, baskets, candy church, worship, food. We made memories to last a lifetime and all suffered from a serious sugar hangover:)
Grumpy boy
Now a happy's amazing what Vans gifts and Sees Candy can do!
Julian finally decided he was interested in what was in his basket!
He has pretty much been holding these balls since Easter:)

OK this is seriously the CUTEST suit in the world. It belonged to Daddy, that means it's from 1972!
This boy LOVES his frogs they are still going everywhere he does. He fell in love with frogs last summer when He found one while the big boys were fishing with my Dad. The next day we went to my Grandmothers house, her mother was a frog collector and there were frogs all around. They gave Jojo a little frog when we left and he has been in love with all frogs ever since then.
My pink princes that lights up my beautiful blue world:)
OK Daddy wore pink today too:)
My cute bow tie boys:)
every angle- I can't get enough of my sweet baby boy!!!
I wish everyone was this happy to come to Church!
My silly bunny
Jojo was sad to leave Church!

We went out to eat at a favorite brunch spot. The kids loved the fish...not the ones they ate but the ones swimming in the pond:)
"Mom, when can we do the eggs?" What I heard all day, until....
After egg decorating we had a hunt for more candy filled eggs:/ and mommy was burnt out on picture taking.
The Day after...grass everywhere and it is still mysteriously showing up four days later.
I love my family!!!

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead
1 Peter 1:3


Kathy said...

Looks like a wonderful day!! Such a beautiful family :)

Allison said...

Sweet. Beautiful family. The baby is growing fast!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

OMG those baskets are amazing. Your the best. My two children never had baskets so fabulous! The Easter outfits are perfect, everyone looks so cute. Looks like you had an amazing Easter. I have to say that since the first time I meet you I could always see how beautiful you are but I can now see that your healthy diet has you glowing.......

Leanne said...

Stop it! Stop the cuteness, will you?? (LOL)

When I saw the pictures of Jojo and Julian, I immediately thought they looked alike! It's actually pretty uncanny, I think, how much those two boys look alike! What do you think?

The suit Julian's wearing is DARLING!! And his shoes, where did you get those??

I loved this post and seeing how you guys do Easter.Thanks for posting!


Full Time Wife Life said...

I have loved, and have found SO much encouragement in, your blog over the past few years! I decided to nominate you at:


J Howard said...

Those bowties and plaid! Swoooooon. Happy Easter!

brigette said...

Your family is beautiful!!! You are so very blessed!!

lee woo said...

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