Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Some stuff I am loving right now

I am really loving my morning routine...It starts with the potent immune booster Beta-13-d glucan, followed by 20 minutes of oil pulling, next a large glass of lemon water (a whole lemon squeezed with pulp), then the nutritional deliciousness of Organic Matcha Tea!

The most satisfying part is my Bible study, while I am oil pulling I read my Bible and journal. There have been times in this adventure of motherhood that reading the Bible in the morning is impossible but during this season in my life I am able to wake up early and enjoy the sweet reward of the Word of God. 
I am loving the book of Psalms. I read a chapter daily then journal by writing the scripture that spoke to me and answering these question...What does this mean, and how can I apply it to my life? Then I take a few minutes to write down some prayer request or praise reports! After this AM routine I feel vibrant and ready to start the day!

LOVED these great books! I did not know until I was halfway through them that the Author is the maker of my favorite Vitamin brand...Garden Of Life!

I am Loving water, water and more water! These drops oxygenate your water and add minerals, enzymes and amino acids! Cancer hates oxogen- any way to get more in your body is a good thing...think working out, deep breathing, and certain protocols like, The Budwig Protocol!

 loving -their skin care also!

Loved- all the cancer fighting info in this book!

I am also Loving my afternoon walk or I should say anytime walk. Even if I go to the gym I try to get out in the sunshine and enjoy the ocean breeze on my skin! I love listing to Pandora Radio while I walk, breathing deep and practicing great fulness to God for my life.

My happy walking selfie- I keep it on my phone to remind me how much I LOVE my walk just in case I'm feeling lazy;)

An evening view from my walk!

LOVE LOVE LOVING this baby boy...Oh my goodness I LOVE him!

Oh and of course I am LOVING date night! Who wouldn't with this HOT Man of God!

I better love cleaning... because its a huge part of my 'real life'. Caught on film by Shayla while she was 'cleaning' also:)

 Loving this silly boy...10 is such a sweet age!

Loving family draw night...about once a week we all draw together just for fun!

Loved this Ted Talk- so informative and very eye opening!

 Still Loving Instagram, its 's fun to get glimpses into the lives of others. 
I love the daily dose of encouragement from CHRISTIANBOOKMOM...so  inspiring!
Oh and the Laugh OUT Loud entertainment from Comfortable_Christianity  Baby_Kry  and VerseBomb

I can't wait for the Food Revolution Summit in a couple of days!!! You can click HERE to register and listen for free! 

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.


Allison said...

Your family is just precious! I'm following you on IG. I too love IG, girlymomma23

Allison said...


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I find it difficult to oil pull for a long time but I do know it is good for you. Some excellent books and the Cell Food looks interesting. Put it in my Amazon cart. How do you decide? I feel like I am using too many supplements and maybe hurting myself in the long run. Always love the family photos.

Piece-of-Cake Parent said...

I love learning new tidbits, I had no idea oxygenation helped prevent cancer, no wonder yoga is so Healthy! I recently learned that the even years are more mellow for the developing brain, hence why 6 and 8 were great and 7 and 9 were not so fine!

brigette said...

I love all of you loves!!!!! Way to be so healthy! What a inspiration you are!!

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