Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How NOT to Start A Homeschool Year

Where have I been since Tennessee? Buried in a pile of junk! I got this wild idea in Tennessee that it was time to convert our storage/junk room into a bedroom for the boys...Because Jimmy is about to turn 18, becasue our house is out of room and because my sister is coming soon to visit with her kids. All these reasons gave me the fuel to start a much needed fire, but there was one thing I did not consider... the beginning of our homeschool year!

The day after I got home, I got a much need spiritual boost with my friend Kathy because we attend a Propel Woman's Conference. It was awesome (even though I feel it was geared to women in the workplace) the messages were super inspiring and getting to see Beth Moore in person was amazing! That night I came down with a nasty cold that seems to still be making its way through our family. 

However that cold did not stop my determination and the next day we jumped full force into a repair, reorganize remodel... Four weeks later we are still at it(sigh). BUT the end is in sight and I think it will all be done soon! The boys moved into their new room a few days ago and the little kids are happy to have so much space in their room. I'm happy to not be tripping over a musical instrument every time I turn around! It is one thing to have four "little" kids in a room, but teenagers have A LOT of stuff and BIG stuff at that. 

The biggest problem with all this work is that it's on top of all my regular house work and all our school work. So unfortunately I have already experienced the mid year homeschool burn out and threatened to quit- which usually does not happen until midway through Christmas shopping;)

The good news is that God has been coming through in some pretty miraculous ways and I'm trusting him to help me through what stared as an exhausting year. One way He is helping me is with new friends. In a desperate search to find some Christian homeschooling families I made a phone call that lead to a fun Nature day and we are looking forward to future trips, new friends and adventures! It also lifted the overwhelming burden I felt that homeschooling was holding me back and gave me a vision for a fun year. 

So my note to self is... Next year don't start a major project the first week of school!!! Also no matter what review WHY you homeschool, make a schedule, write your vision and hopes for the year. Also remember you only get one chance they will not be little forever, what will they remember from their homeschool days?

Little Jimmy is working full time at his dads office for his senior year and so my time with him has drastically reduced...I am so thankful for all the memories I have of us being together during the day! I'm so thankful he remembers the books we read, the Bible studies we did, the filed trips we went on, the park days and the everydayness of our life together. Mostly I'm thankful that he remembers a mommy that was there, far from perfect but very much present. Homeschooling made that possible and while I might regret a few things in this life I know I will never regret my decision to homeschool, no matter how hard it has been. The time with my kids is priceless and trust me I am about to be a mama to an 18 year old, the time goes faster then you could ever imagine. 

So I might not have kicked off this year with a perfect start but I have hope that everyday is a chance to start again. I have joy in knowing I am investing in my children. I have help in a husband that listens to my rants then cheers me on. I have peace in knowing that I am not alone, I have a loving Savior that helps me. Most of all I have time with my children and time is precious.

The days are long but the years are short
 ~Gretchen Rubin

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.”
- Psalm 90:12

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